How To Make $500 Fast In A Week : 14 Legal Ways To Make Money Online and From Home

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14 Legal Ways To Make Money Online and From Home
14 Legal Ways To Make Money Online and From Home

Do you want to make some extra money on the side, but you don’t know how to do it? Many people struggle with the same thing. There are many ways you can add some cash into your banking account without spending too much time on it.

Here, you can find the 14 best ways to make money quickly. The list includes activities like playing online casinos, participating in online surveys, selling items you no longer use, and many more. Keep reading and make your life a little easier!

Want to make $500 quick? These 14 side hustle ideas can help you reach your goal within a week or less, even if you do not have a steady day job. They are legit and easy to do!

How To Make $500 Fast In A Week : 14 Legal Ways To Make Money Online and From Home

Take your pick from these side hustles to rake in some cash quickly and address your money needs. Some of these tasks are online and doable from within the comfort of your home. For others, you need to get up and go hustle.

Depending on the gig, little or no experience may be required.

1. Earn Cash By Participating in Market Research

Believe it or not, but companies and businesses are willing to pay you for your opinions in order to improve their products, increase their sales, and expand their market share.

The data generated when you complete a survey, test a product, or participate in focus groups, is worth a lot and companies will reimburse you for the time you spend in providing them with useful information.

Some easy tasks to make money quick with the best-paid survey sites include: signing up, taking surveys, watching videos, browsing, shopping online, and referring friends.

Some of the market research companies worth checking out are:

==> Swagbucks: There are over 9 ways to earn cash on this site, including a $5 sign-up bonus. Redeem cash via PayPal when you need the money.

==>Survey Junkie: This popular survey site offers members lots of opportunities to earn on a daily basis.

==>Daily Rewards: This survey company is the sister site to Inbox Dollars and caters to Canadians.

==>Inbox Dollars (United States): This site starts you off with a $5 welcome bonus and opportunities to earn cash when you complete short surveys.

==>Ipsos i-Say: Operated by one of the world’s most popular market research companies, Ipsos, this survey site is great for earning rewards.

==>Pinecone Research: This is considered one of the best paying market research companies out there. You can  earn $3 to $5 per survey

==>Lifepoints: This Canadian survey site offers a lot of high-paying surveys on a daily basis.

2. Use Cash Back Apps

You can reach your $500 target by keeping some of the money you already spend. The best cash back apps can give you up to 35% in cash back when you make a purchase. This applies to most of the things you buy regularly like groceries, clothing, household supplies, etc.

Some of the best paying cash back apps include:

==>Drop App: This cash back app is available in Canada and the United States. Drop automatically credits your account with cash back whenever you shop using your registered debit or credit cards.

==>Rakuten: Earn cash back at more than 2,500 stores. Simply make your online purchase at your favourite store using the Rakuten website or app, and earn money back.

==>TopCashback: This is one of the most popular cashback apps in the U.S. as it allows you to earn rewards from over 4,000 stores.

3. Do Freelance Work Online

Companies and individuals are willing to pay you to complete simple tasks. The job you take on may be related to your current skills, or in many cases, are so mundane, little or no expertise is required.

For example, a cursory search online (on Fiverr) shows that there are tons of paid gigs including people who are willing to pay someone to record a voice-over, design a logo, write an article, edit a resume or cover letter, proofread, translate, transcribe audio, edit a video, design a website, enter data, give relationship advice, help with bookkeeping, create a prank, and hundreds of other gigs.!

Great sites to find freelance work include:

  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • 99 Designs
  • Upwork

4. Start a Blog

You can make a lot of money when you have a blog that attracts visitors. If you don’t mind sharing information with others, a blog is one way to generate extra cash. Blogs make money from advertisements, affiliate marketing, selling products and courses.

While a new blog will likely not make you money (or $500 for that matter) in its first week, it is an excellent way to make thousands of dollars in passive income every month.

5. Play With Dogs For Cash

If you like dogs and cats, you can earn quick cash and even a livable income from pet-sitting, dog walking, pet boarding, home-sitting, and more.

Rover gives you all the tools you need to set your own prices and start earning on your schedule. Earnings are available for withdrawal 2 days after you have provided the service.

6. Find Hidden Money

There are services that help you lower your bills automatically and find hidden ways to save money with your everyday purchases. You will be surprised to find how much money you can keep in your wallet without any radical change in your lifestyle.

The first free service is Trim Financial Manager (U.S.). This free app automatically analyzes your spending and helps you cancel unwanted subscriptions, negotiates a lower utility bill, and finds cheaper insurance for you.

The second free service is Paytm (Canada). The Paytm app gives you cash back when you pay your monthly bills including utilities, property tax, insurance, rent, tuition, loans, cable, internet, and more.

7. Become an Uber Driver

This might sound like a good idea, especially if you have a car and want to make some extra cash on the side. Uber is an app that connects drivers with riders nearby. As a driver, you will be able to make a decent amount of money without doing any extra work. All you need to do is accept requests and drive around passengers who need a ride. The best thing about this method is that you won’t have to spend too much time doing it!

8. Sell Stuff You Don’t Need To Raise Cash Fast

Who needs extra stuff lying around unused when you can make some quick cash?

If you have old books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, video games, cell phones, clothes, and other items lying around your house, you can sell them for cash and clear the clutter.

9. Save Your Spare Change

Every dollar counts when you need a thousand bucks like right now! This is even truer if the idea of selling your plasma, blood, sperm, or egg to make quick cash is not something you’d like to do.

Use automated savings apps like Moka (Canada), Wealthsimple (U.S. and Canada), and Acorns (U.S.). These apps automatically save/invest your spare change without you even noticing it.

Wealthsimple: This is one of the most popular robo-advisors in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. The “Roundup” feature on the app also helps you to save your spare change automatically.

Digit: The Digit app is available to Americans and helps to save automatically, budget, and meet your financial goals. Sign up with Digit here.

10. Teach Others English and Earn Cash

Parents in many non-English speaking countries around the world (particularly China) are looking for native English speakers who can tutor their kids to speak the English language. They are also willing to pay for your services.

VIPKID is one of the most popular portals for this service and they pay $14-22 per hour. You choose your hours and work from home using a laptop, handset, camera, and an internet connection.

You can also teach other things and advertise your tutoring services on online job boards or Craigslist.

11. Find a Part-Time Job

Sometimes, the easiest way to make $500 fast is to go the traditional route and find a second job or work extra shifts at your current job. Some job titles you can assume in the evenings or weekends include:

  • Babysitter
  • Lawnmower
  • Housekeeper
  • Bartender/Server
  • Gardener
  • Photographer
  • Events Manager
  • House painter
  • Handyman

12. Cut Your Expenses and Save Money

In your bid to raise $500, you should also take a look at how to cut your current expenditures. Take a look at your budget and find ways to balance your income vs. expenses in order to free up some cash.

For example, cut your expensive premium cable down to a basic TV package, eat out less (try the $5 meal plan), cut your energy bill, quit smoking, don’t pay for an extended warranty, DIY your car maintenance, cancel unused subscriptions, and avoid impulse purchases.


Making extra money is not hard if you know what to do and where to start. Keep in mind that some of the ways mentioned here require some time investment on your side, but they also have a very high potential for long-term success. The best part is that you can find most of these ways online, and you don’t need any special skills or training.

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