How to Increase Your Adsense CTR | Improve CPC & CPM | CTR Optimization

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So your ad click-through rates are lower? There are lots of things you need to consider for Adsense optimization. Getting Adsense account approved is one thing and making it generate high revenue is the next hard job.

How to increase click through rate —
Adsense publishers used to search; How can I maintain Google AdSense CTR? How to increase CPC in adsense? How do I get more AdSense clicks? How do you increase CPC and RPM? What is the best CTR for AdSense? How does AdSense calculate CTR? How can I increase my AdSense earnings? And so on…

After you have joined the Google Adsense program successfully, you really need to work on how to improve CTR, CPC, & eCPM, otherwise with high organic search traffic and good Adsense Click Through Rate you might not be making good money & ultimately, the AdSense CPCs got you down.

Improving your AdWords click-through rate is simple as long as you working on your high-quality content. Your CTR, CPC & eCPM can be improved by doing a lot of different things. 
Publisher always seems to be expected to show both text & display ads responsively & that approach will tend to make them take new working decisions for a successful attempt to monetize their organic traffic. And the Adsense that’s why got popularity in a case of PPC Ad networks.

Fundamentally you need to improve the depth of quality of your site content, keywords & niche. The best strategy for improved cost-per-click is writing fresh, updated & innovative content; that is CPC focused on increasing your estimated earnings. CPC is based on your quality of the content and type of traffic you getting on your site.

In short, clickthrough rate measures the amount of traffic driving to your website on that particular ad and we are going to learn how to improve your website Click-Through Rate (CTR), CPC & CPM.

Improve Adsense CTR (Click Through Rate) Fast | CTR Optimization
Here are a few guidelines for practice to improve Adsense CPC with simple tweaks. There is no tip anyone can provide that will going to work with your blog/website perfectly. You have to keep checking multiple things and keep changing & improving it around; so the user will not become blind to ignore your ads. Follow these quick tips to grow & generate your estimated Adsense revenue.

10 ways to increase your Adsense click-through-rate (CTR) & cost-per-click (CPC):
1. Don’t forget AdSense guidelines ever.
Always follow all the instructions and rules provided in the policy and terms of the Adsense Program.

2. Check your template HTML & test your mobile design.
Check your site template is responsive with fast loading that user wants to navigate easily on all over the pages. Check your mobile site analysis shown by Google analytics and try to increase mobile traffic.

3. Follow Adsense heatmap with optimized ad unit
You need to check Adsense heatmap and place the recommended ad units according to your website structure. Display ads in a proper way.

4. Pick the most popular ad places on the Page.
Along with the design, the placing and positioning of Ads are also the most important part to get higher revenue in Adsense.

5. Opt-in to both text and image ads.
It’s the best way to place both text and image ads that give more chances for advertisers to place high CPC ads on your site. Don’t forget to merge your ad color with your theme.

6. Avoid too much internal linking.
Limit the number of internal links showing on a single page. Moreover, you must fix any broken link from any of your page. That not only hurt you in SEO but also cause an unexpected drop in revenue.

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