How to Download Paid Apps For Free on iPhone and Android

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In this article, I am going to show you how to download paid & hacked apps free on iOS 11 iPhone x (new method).

Download paid apps from the app store can cost you a lot of money, for i.e, Monster Park, Minecraft, and many other games. 
Each Gaming YouTube channel desires to download a variety of games to develop or creates its own channel. If they don’t have money so, they cannot improve or progress faster. 
Habitually, in iOS 10 and 11, we used to use AppValley tweak app or Tutuapp but in this new iOS version, none of these apps work. 
Hacked games or paid games are fun or enjoyable to play with and you can only download them just by following the steps down below without jailbreak or root on any iOS or Android device with any version. download paid apps for free iPhone

I will be going show you an app that works more fast and perfect than a Tutuapp, AppValley or tweaks app and it can also work in every iOS version like iOS 9, 10, 11 and another version of iOS. 

This as well works on any iPhone like iPhone 8, 8 plus or iPhone X any many more. That app Contains lots of apps and games that you cannot find in the app store and the app can also work perfectly on Android devices also. The method to download this app is the same for Android and iOS.
Download Paid Apps For Free iPhone and Android

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There is a software named (Appeven) that you can download paid and hacked apps for free and you can download the apps that are not in the app store or been deleted from the app store for free without jailbreak or wasting your money. 
Appeven is a software that provides you the most paid apps free and the apps that are not in the app store or had been erased from the app store. 
Appeven software is support in any iOS version, device and in any Android devices. This application is like Tutuapp but it is too faster than Tutuapp and it is allegeable for any iOS version and an Apple phone. 
Appeven provides you lots of feature without jailbreak or root and it is free to download and use on any iOS and Android devices.
Appeven Features
  1.  Safe to download and use on any device
  2.  Hack and paid apps free without jailbreak or root
  3.  Choose from tweaked and modified apps, like Spotify++, Pokémon Go++ and Snap Chat++ to name just a few
  4.  All content is sorted into categories making it easy to locate what you want to download
  5.   No jailbreak or root required to download on your device
  6.   Choose from millions of different apps to download free
  7.  Virus free and runs very fast on any iOS & Android device
Downloading Paid apps from Appeven

To download free paid apps from the Appeven, you must need an Internet connection and a web browser. You should also follow the step below. The method or way to download is emerging just for the iOS devices, but it’s the same for the Android device.

Step 1. Go to the official website of appeven. When you are on the website you could see a big button by the name of (Download Now) surrounded by half blue color.
Install Appeven

Step 2. When you try to open it, the app will not open because it is untrusted so for the trust the app you must go to the Setting, General, Device Management and Pheliad associates.
Setting, General, Device Management and Phelia Inc

Step 3. Tap trust and another application will pop up now just tap trust and the app will be trusted. When the app is trusted, open the app.
Trust Appeven

Step 4. Tap allow and it will take you to the setting. Tap your iPhone or iPad’s password and then you will come back to the app. You can see a search engine tap their and search any paid app that you want to download free.
Search Paid apps

Step 5. Tap on the blue color named get after that wait. When it is completely downloaded from the app then the installation button will automatically pop up. Just tap on install and the app will be installed.
Install Paid Apps Free

Step 6. After taping the installing application, wait for some minute. The app will be installed and you can play the game without any kind of problem.


It is the greatest method to download paid apps for free iPhone (new method). I hope you people have gotten something from this article. I will try my greatest to discover as many goods articles as you want. 
These ways also working on any Android devices with any version. 
Additionally, if you have any problem, so comment in the bellow section to solve your problems as soon as. 
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