How To Convert Video To MP3 With VLC Media Player

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In this article, I am going to show you how to convert video to MP3 with VLC player.

Occasionally you may need to convert a video file to an MP3 player to take with on an iPhone, iPad or to just listen to audio without video. Today we take a look at how to use the free program VLC to convert video formats to an MP3.
Convert Video To MP3 Player With VLC

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Notice: For this post, we will use VLC version 1.0 on Windows

Step1. Open VLC media player and select Media and Convert / Save.


Step2. Currently in the Open Media window tap on Add button and Refer or browse to the video file location you want to convert or change and after you have it then click the Convert / Save button.

Step3. Once the Convert window opens you should see the source of the video file you want to convert and you will need to browse for a destination for the MP3.

Step4. Explorer will open, so you can select a location and here’s where you want to tag the file with an MP3 extension or plugin and click Save.

Step5. Currently, in the Convert window, you must see the source file and destination route fields filled in. Now tap on the Edit Selected Profile button.
Edit select profile

Step6. Below the Encapsulation, you can select WAV.

Step7. Now below the Audio Codec, you can tab choose the MP3 codec, select a Bitrate, amount of channels, Sample Rate, and then tap on the Save button.

Step8. Click on the Start button to begin the encoding process.

Step9. You will see a countdown timer on the main interface although the conversion is taking place.
countdown timer

Step10. You will find the converted file at the destination you have already choose your location before and now you can play your MP3 player on the portable device or any compatible media player.
How To Convert Video To MP3 With VLC Media Player

We are successfully converted MPEG, MOV and AVI video files to the MP3 player. FLV files would convert but unfortunately sound quality had terrible. This is not a preferred technique those who are discerning about audio quality, but I hope, it can help someone out in a pinch.

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