How To Backup iOS Devices Wirelessly via AnyTrans

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In this article, I want to show you how to backup iOS devices wirelessly. If you are an iOS user, you probably know how to backup your iPhone or iPad because this is normal and it happens to everyone that their device is damaged or lost, and you cannot access with your data. In such cases, the only and best way to backup your device regularly so anytime you are unable to access your data on your device due to severe damage.

 When you are backup your device, then you can create or make a checkpoint where you copy all stored data as an alternative to you, and whenever you restore this backup, its exactly start again from that checkpoint so you should bring back your critical data if you have lost it before. Don’t worry but today I will show you the easy and secure way to backup all your iOS devices. If you can read more about tips and tricks of iOS so please visit our homepage

Backup iOS Devices wirelessly 

Newly, I released a review of the product called AnyTrans, and I almost like best features, but in case you missed. This product will that brings all the functions for managing content on your iOS device, using AnyTrans such as iOS mover feature that let you transfer all your content from android device to iOS device.
Now iMobie takes the game to another level by improving and adding a new feature to this product called Air Backup. This allows users to back up their iOS devices wirelessly without a USB Cable, and you also need to worry because it is not like iCloud. You can backup your device without any storage restrictions. They ensure they are very secure and private because they use the AES-256 encryption. You are sure that there is only one who can access your backup.
ios backup
With Air Backup, you can easily backup your iOS device or system. And be sure you always keep your backup up to date with scheduling daily, weekly backups. All you have to do is set the backup scheduled once, and if you forget it, Anytrans remembers to back up your essential information or data as scheduled. So without further notice, let’s take the steps that you need to make.

Step #1. First of all, You have to need to download Anytrans then, you can install it on your device or system. Happily, this is available for both OS (operating systems) Windows & MacOS.
Step #2. Open Anytrans and go to Air backup feature by clicking the Wireless icon from the top menu.
how to backup iphone

  Go to Air Backup Manager
Step #3. The third step will show you, connect your iOS device in your computer with a USB Cable Then, you can confirm or trust your computer option in your iOS device so, Anytrans can access it and set up Air backup. Don’t worry, this is just one time to install.

Step #4. Now you can enable the Air Backup Preference and set the Schedule Air Backup time.
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 Enable Air Backup Feature
Step #5. Click on Advanced Settings and make sure the Air Backup option is On and change the rest to your liking.
ios backup

Turn On Air Backup Option
Step #6. After this, to back up your iOS device wirelessly, you do not need to connect your device or system to your computer and you can do it in two ways;
backup iOS devices wirelessly

 Backup iOS Device Wirelessly
1: Connect through Wi-Fi hotspot: Follow this guide to create a hotspot signal on Windows or MacOS.
2: Connect through WLAN, to do this, all you need is make sure that your Computer and iOS device or system is connected to the same Wi-Fi.
Everything was about how to backup iOS devices wirelessly through AnyTran. If you think something is something does not work or something is wrong, please share your feedback in the comments section below, we look forward to your comments, and we will continue to continue.
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