How to add templates to WordPress with Elementor

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Elementor library will give you access to over 100 designer- made the page template for WordPress. In this includes dozens of beautiful free WordPress template. page builder
For instantly get access to all templates now head to over the home page and download the elementor.

As the basic starting point of your homepage, you can use the templates. You can browse through different templates by clicking the, add templates which appear in the right content place of elementor. You can also click on the library icon which appears’s at the bottom of left panel.

Another great characteristic of the library is having the ability to save your own pages and section as templates. This can be easy enough in order to create similar pages on the same website or to export all of them to entirely various sites for saving your templates. Click on the library icon at the bottom of the panel. so click on “save templates”.
Pre-Designed templates and my templates – page builder

In-library you will find some useful templates of home pages, services, about, contact, landing pages and other websites pages. All these templates are created by our own professional designer’s so can also trust them to be well designed. We are constantly adding more templates and the templates will be added automatically to the library. The templates can also give you the best head start including designing your website. they will also late you “reverse engineer” how can build beautiful pages with the elementor. you may learn the techniques and settings needed to create best-looking pages all by your own.

1: Click the folder icon which is situated at the bottom of the panel.

2: Choose templates library.

3: you can preview the template by clicking the magnifying glass icon or insert it into your page.
4: Library includes “my template” tab which includes the page and section templates you have created with elementor.
How to save your pages as templates
When you finish creating a page with elementor once. There will be no reason that why you can not re-use the same page as a reference for your other websites projects. it goes without saying that you will still need to customize. Now you can update and refresh the templates, to make it fit the other websites designed and also make it unique and different.

1: Click the folder icon situated at the bottom of the panel.

2: Choose to save templates.

3: Give a name to your template and save
How to save section as templates

having the ability to save sections to templates is a great characteristic of the library, letting you mix and match various section to create entirely new pages, take from home page the top section the middle section from the servicers and bottom from the about page to create an entirely new and original landing page. the possibilities are endless.

1: Choose the section you want to save and click the save icon.
2: Give a name to your section and save.
How to Import / Export Templates to External Websites

From the library, you will be able to export to a JSON file and then easily you can be imported to any websites from the elementor library dashboard.
Import templates

1: In your dashboard go to elementor > library.

2: Click the import template button.
3: For uploading a single template you have to choose a JSON file or a ZIP file with few JSON file to bulk upload and click import now.
Export Templates

1: Go to elementor > library.

2: Choose your template and click export templates.

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