Adsense HeatMap : Best Google Adsense Placement Guid

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When ever we talk about increasing adsense CPC, one of the most common word which you will hear is “Adsense heatmap”.  In this post, I will be giving you a brief idea about heatmap and best adsense placement ideas.

Google adsense advertisement is the best way for any blogger to earn through Blogging and there websites but the problem is always about which is the best place to place the adverts. 
Prime aim of any blogger is to give excellent content and he can’t take a risk to place advertisement at the middle of the post which is very annoying. 
Also, after Google panda updates, it’s become necessary to keep less ads around content and above the fold. Though Google itself suggest to place ads above the fold for higher CTR. Anyways, lets get back to original topic and learn some best adsense placement ideas.

Adsense placement is quite tricky and placing your Google adsense adverts can double your traffic if you place your advertisement with trick and without annoying readers. With little cleverness you can actually double your Google adsense income.
Adsense Heatmap Image:

I have visited many discussion forum and here goes the guide which might help you to increase your revenue: First of all have a look at official Google adsense heat map Which clearly talks about the best adsense placement without annoying your readers.

It’s a fact that non technology websites make double of the money then technology websites reason being that reader of technology websites are well aware of advertisement and they generally ignore the advertisement but on the other hand non technology websites like dating, astrology websites make more money with google advertisement because of unawareness of the readers.

Another fact is when readers from technology websites read the article and they find it useful they click on advertisement to appreciate the article. While putting advertisement do you think of following points:
  1.   Why your readers are here?
  2.   Content is more important or advertisement?
  3.   Where to keep the advertisement without hampering your readers point and without knocking down your advertisement.
“Smart work is always better then hard work”

You might think that I can write better post and get more organic traffic and Better traffic = Better Income. But think the other way placing adverts at the right place and at the same time concentrate on better quality of post thus you will accomplish both the task: Traffic and income

Best advertisement placement guide:

Before advertisement have a look at maximum allowed adsense ad units Before the post ( text advertisement have better CTR then the image advertisement at that place)
  1.   Have a look at SEOunleashed he cleverly placed the advertisement (Yahoo advertisement) between the posts which does not even look like an advertisement but you need to be very careful with keywords when you planning to do anything like this.
  2.   Ad placement at Top of the article header again have better Google adsense CTR.
  3.   If you thinking only about revenue you can place advertisement between the content.( Link units )
  4.   Google search for your website is also a good idea to increase some more revenue and placing Google search unit at the best visible place on your website would be much better idea.
Another few places where you can place advertisement for better CTR:
  1.     Above the post
  2.     Sidebar banner
  3.     Sidebar video unit
Though I will suggest place advertisement smartly without hampering your reader view and instead of keeping empty space on your website it’s better to fill it with advertisement. 
Do let us know if you follow adsense heatmap or you have found your own best ad placement for adsense?

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